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Henry  Moore [Artist Biography]  

While sculpture was always Moore's primary interest, graphics became a significant part of his output during the second part of his life. His earliest prints were woodcuts made in the1930s, but it was not until 1950 that he produced his first major portfolio 'Prometheus'.

He continued to make both etchings and lithographs regularly until his death.The best were for portfolios, which seemed to concentrate his creative energies. The 'Shelter Sketchbook' portfolio from the 1966 shows Moore as a fine colourist, whereas his final 'Mother and Child' portfolio celebrates one
of his recurring themes in line.

Henry  Moore
Mother and Child III from the 'Mother and Child' portfolio Framed. UK VAT at 12.5% tio be added, 1983
Henry  Moore
Mother and Child XVIII from 'Mother and Child' Portfolio 'Bon a Tirer' aside from the numbered copy of 80, 1983
Henry  Moore
Mother and Child XXIX from 'Mother and Child' Portfolio, 1983
Henry  Moore
Black Seated Figure on Orange Ground from the de luxe 'Shelter Sketchbook' Portfolio, 1966
Henry  Moore
Eight Reclining Figures in Yellow, Red and Blue from the 'Meditations on the Effigy' portfolio, 1966
Henry  Moore
Eight Reclining Figures from the de luxe 'Shelter Sketchbook' Portfolio, 1966
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