Bridget Riley [Artist Biography]  

With her 'Op Art' imagery of the early 1960s, Bridget Riley helped to give
expression to an age, while establishing herself as one of the leading artists of her generation. In the 1970s she moved into colour, and each period of her art has been defined by a distinct geometric theme - the 'stripe' paintings of the '80s (exemplified by Light Between) preceded the 'zig' paintings of the early 90s' and these gave way to the more plastic forms of her current work.

Her printmaking has reflected her painting, but she has had bursts of
printmaking activity - particularly in recent years - and she has occasionally
revisited themes in her prints after closing that chapter in her paintings. Her
prints require an extraordinary degree of technical skill and one image
required 500 prints to be made before she could select an edition of 75.

The Arts Council toured a retrospective of Riley's prints in the UK in
2001-3, and the British Council toured it in Europe in 2004-5.

Bridget Riley
Between the Two, 2005
Bridget Riley
From the One to the Other, 2005
Bridget Riley
Passing By, 2005
Bridget Riley
Red, 2005
Bridget Riley
Fold, 2004
Bridget Riley
Light Between, 1981/2004

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