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Patrick Procktor was one of that extraordinary generation of artists that burst on the London scene in the early '60s. His first exhibition at the Redfern Gallery in 1963 was sold out before it opened; the same year Hockney moved from student rags to jet-setting riches with the sale of his 'Rake's Progress' suite of etchings. The following year Bryan Robertson selected Procktor alongside artists such as Hockney, Riley and Hoyland for the first and most famous of the New Generation exhibitions at the Whitechapel.

Procktor was very much part of the 'pop art' world, but his art was quite distinct from most of its protagonists; he leant towards a more realistic view of figuration and landscape, although with a particular edge. At times he was uneven, and occasionally short on self criticism - at best he had a magic touch.

He became an RA in 1970 (one of its more obstreperous members) and stayed faithful to the Redfern Gallery, exhibiting there regularly. He died in 2003 at the age of 67.

Procktor's etchings were amongst his most original work, and he had a particularly fruitful collaboration in his early years with the pioneering publishers Editions Alecto and their printers Jim Collyer and John Crossley. Much of Procktor's work related to his travels and his etchings reflected this.

The etchings presented here come from his first two series and relate to visits to the USA and India. 'Invitation to a Voyage' (five etchings in all) was a 'trip' in both senses of the word to New York with his then lover Gervase Griffiths, the designer Ossie Clark, and the actor Eric Emerson; 'India, Mother' (seven aquatints) were based on a three month visit to India and Nepal. They seldom appear on the market and these copies come from the collections of the artist and publisher. They illustrate Procktor's great flair for colour and unusual use of space.

Patrick Procktor
Rowli Mountains (Rajastan) from the 'India, Mother' suite of 7 aquatints, 1970
Patrick Procktor
Queen's Necklace (Bombay) from the 'India, Mother' suite of 7 aquatints, 1970
Patrick Procktor
Campanula, 1989
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