Michael Carlo 'Earth Works' - recent lithographs, woodcuts and paintings Press Release      

Join us on Sunday December 9 at the Old Rectory from 12 to 5 pm for a glass of champagne - or by appointment until 16 December.

I exhibited Michael Carlo's woodcuts at the London Original Print Fair last year, and a group were bought by Jenny Rowland, the managing director of the long established Curwen Studio. Shortly afterwards she invited Mike to make a suite of lithographs at the Curwen, and he completed these in the autumn.

Although he was used to lithography, Carlo followed an approach he uses for his woodcuts, but which is most unusual in lithography - the reduction technique. Instead of using one plate per colour, he uses only one plate, erasing and working into it for each successive colour. In addition he drew six images on each plate, so that all twelve images in the series are drawn on only two plates. Despite the enormous discipline this imposed the resulting images have a vigorous directness and fluidity.

This series, 'Earth Works', forms the core of the exhibition, which comprises some twenty five pieces. These include recent woodcuts and paintings, which Mike rarely exhibits. All are rooted in the Suffolk landscape - its hills, paths and woodland. As Carlo says, 'It is an area I was born in and have lived, worked and played in - it is unremarkable, yet strangely haunting. Much of my work of the last ten years has focused on the small valley opposite my home. Sloping down from an ancient wood at the top are the fields farmed for generations, forming ever changing patterns on a yearly cycle. It is the tune I play daily - the same structure, but always a different sound'.

Where prices include frames this is noted. Unframed copies are available for all prints.

Michael Carlo
Earth Works 1, 2006
Michael Carlo
Earth Works 2, 2006
Michael Carlo
Earth Works 3, 2006
Michael Carlo
Earth Works 4, 2006
Michael Carlo
Earth Works 5, 2006
Michael Carlo
Earth Works 6, 2006
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